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We are very different....  There is no other clinic like us in Oklahoma.  We have networked with doctors all over the world in developing our specialized treatment programs.

If you are looking for "life-changing care", look at our unique programs outlined below.....


Neuropathy Associates of Tulsa at Marion Medical, P.C.:

Say goodbye to painful, burning, and numb feet and legs due to peripheral neuropathy ( more )

Prolozone “Joint Regeneration Injections” From Europe:

Possibly by-pass knee and hip replacement surgery, decrease pain, and improve mobility ( more )

Musculoskeletal Medicine Clinic at Marion Medical, P.C.

If you are suffering with back pain, neck pain, disc problems, upper or lower extremity pain, or headaches, it is time to “Rediscover Your Life” with our proven ‘non-surgical’ treatments ( more )

Elective BioMedical Detoxification:

A critical need for patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune and neuro-degenerative diseases ( more )

Supportive Nutritional Medicine Co-Treatment for Patients with Cancer:

Biologically-compatible care to help you feel better and fight back ( more )

We are proud that we can bring these unique, specialty treatment programs to you because Marion Medical, P.C. is where "Orthodox and Alternative Medicine Unite To -- Reduce Pain, Restore Function, Optimize Health, and Achieve Wellness"

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