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To Your Health Newsletter

September, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 20)
Time to Visit Your Chiropractor –
Even When You're Not in Pain

Why visit your doctor of chiropractic periodically – even when you're not experiencing pain or other symptoms? Here's why. The latest study on maintenance care for low back health suggests receiving chiropractic care periodically dramatically reduces the number of days you'll experience "bothersome" low back pain over the course of a year.

Kids Need Chiropractic

Raise Your Hand If You Have Back Pain

Give Your Workouts a Boost

It's Time to Take the Isometric Challenge

Eat This, Not That

5 Smart Substitutions to Make When Eating Out

Road to a Healthy You

Rethinking GMO: Less Panic, More Context

Does Aspirin Really Help Your Heart?

If you were taught to take aspirin every day as a way to prevent heart attacks and related cardiovascular events, you may need to go back to school. Several new studies suggest the risks associated with taking aspirin on a daily basis may outweigh the benefits.

Eating for Fat Loss: Start Later, End Earlier?

No, we're not really talking about fasting, although research is beginning to show it also may have health benefits when properly administered and supervised; we're talking about time-restricted dieting: limiting your intake of food to a smaller window each day.

Does More Exercise
Lead to Better Grades?

With elections right around the corner, education is front and center as one of the perennial issues on the minds of voters nationwide. But regardless of politics, research suggests there may be an easy way to improve education, at least in terms of improving children's grades: exercise.

Vitamins for Healthy Aging

Seniors can reduce their risk of frailty and the dire health consequences with sound nutrition rich in vitamins.

P Stands for Perfect Your Posture

The following exercises can be valuable in preventing poor posture and the health consequences that can result.