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January, 2018 (Vol. 12, Issue 02)
5 Resolutions You Can Keep

No doubt you've already completed your 2018 resolution list, but since we're only a few weeks in, why not start fresh with resolutions you can keep? It starts with worrying less about general goals (exercise more, eat better, etc.) that are too often prone to failure, and focusing instead on specific, foundational goals you can actually achieve day after day, month after month, all year round.

Start the Year Right

5 Reasons to Make Meditation Your New Year's Resolution

Get a Great Workout Without Lifting a Finger

Tone & Tighten the Lower Body

Give Them a Health Boost

Improve Your Children's Health in Three Easy Steps

Eating to Win: Basics of a Healthy Meal Plan

Eat More of This, Less of That

How to Weatherproof
Your Body This Winter

OK, it's time for a quick lesson in weatherproofing your body. Particularly when you're in the throes of winter (like now) and suffering through what can only be described as an historically cold season, skin health is pivotal. Here are some simple strategies to help your skin survive it all.

Smoking = Back Pain = Spine Surgery?

If you're a current smoker who's not trying to quit, we urge you to reconsider because your risk of suffering any number of health issues increases exponentially if you smoke. For example, smoking may cause back pain due to lumbar spinal stenosis, which can lead to surgery.

Could Your Job Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

Stress – and your inability to cope with it – is never a good thing. Neither is type 2 diabetes, and recent research suggests the two may be associated. In fact, workers who experience high levels of stress are 57 percent more likely to develop diabetes than workers with low stress levels.

Your Brain Needs Exercise

Can exercise help prevent the progression of mild cognitive impairment better than commonly prescribed medication?

Why Ibuprofen Is Bad for Men

Found in Advil and Motrin, ibuprofen has been linked to infertility and related problems in men. Here's why.