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To Your Health Newsletter

June, 2022 (Vol. 16, Issue 13)
Best for Back Pain

Recent and multiple earlier studies make it clear: chiropractic is the only profession left standing when it comes to effective low back pain care, both acute and chronic. See why MDs, PTs and others fail the test.

Get Flexible

Are You Stretching the Wrong Way? Try the Right Way

Multivitamins to the Rescue!

Help Keep Breast Cancer From Returning

Fitness Goals

Money Motivates (Especially When You Risk Losing It)

Kids Corner

Does Bottle Feeding Children Too Long Make Them Fat?

Belly Fat: Bad for the Spine

If you can't seem to shake your belly fat (no pun intended) and are suffering back pain, or any other pain or dysfunction potentially linked to spinal health, there's a reason: belly fat is bad for your spine.

Sugar Kills the Pancreas

The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is among the lowest for all types of cancer. Avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages is one way to reduce your risk, according to new research.

Bad for Body Image

Millions of kids have smartphones - and poor body image regarding weight, leading to inappropriate weight-loss behaviors. Is there a connection? Researchers have found one.

Fiber to the Rescue

Fiber helps reduce antibiotic resistance, an increasingly common consequence of antibiotic use.

Reducing Stroke Risk

Before you look up the risk factors for stroke, consider this simple suggestion: sit less and move more.